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Paintball Network provides each player with only the safest, cleanest and best quality paintball equipment available. Every player receives:


Paintball Network provides the best and latest in semi-automatic paintball guns, more commonly referred to in the industry as markers. These semi-automatic paintball guns are accurate, rapid firing, lightweight and easy to operate.


Safety is always the most important factor when playing paintball and that is why Paintball Network places great importance in the quality of goggles that we provide. We are one of the only paintball operators in the country to supply full head protection goggles with anti-fog lenses as standard, which allows our customers to enjoy their day safely and in comfort.

Battle Pack:

A custom-made, waist mounted ammunition holder enabling the wearer to carry an
additional 400 paintballs into battle.

Additional items for hire on the day:

Combat Suit:

These specially padded suits give added protection and keeps paintball players clean, dry and camouflaged when out in the game zones. Our combat suits come in a range of sizes, from XS to XXXL and are always freshly laundered.


Body Armour:

To keep our players extra safe we offer protective body armour for rental to customers who want it. These rigid plastic plates are woven into a custom designed, fully ventilated mesh waistcoat which keeps your upper torso protected while retaining flexibility.

These two items can be hired together at national paintball centres for an additional £2.00 per person on the day of your event.

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